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Ghost Birding at the Edge of Euroland under the pall of Cop26

Comparing 2005 with 2021 – by James Wolstencroft : a student of Ecolo-nomics at the Universidad de las Vegas, Andalucia! In late January 2005 I had returned to our little blue cottage in Spain refreshed by having converted my ecological experiences of an ecologically impoverished midwinter up-there into the sub-equatorial wealth of a warming Northern […]

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A tale of two (or is it three) Caprimulgids – Goatsuckers to some

Shortly after sunset yesterday three bird brains here got vixenated. In the twilight of June’s quarter waxing moon, after a wait of sixteen years, I became properly reacquainted with the Red-necked Nightjar. Andalusia’s “Chotacabra pardo”. And we were introduced by a familiar fox. I first heard the Nightjar from the bed, for he was close. […]