Who am I? What am I?


“It seems that I’ve been a naturalist, a bird-watcher, a conservationist and a ‘dedicated birder’ for almost all my fifty-eight years. Definitely my first BIG love was BIRDS. Over the years I’ve grown to greatly admire, if not envy, all flying creatures no matter their size, more especially those who undertake epic migrations across this globe. And I’ve been guiding nature holidays across Asia and Africa since 1988. On New Year’s Eve 2004 with my young family (and Pie the dog) I decided to move from Europe, our little cottage overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, in southern Spain, to Arusha on the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania. We settled here so that we could live as close as possible to some of the last great refuges of Africa’s fabled megafauna. During the decade that has passed I have become an “All Sizes Safari Guide” looking at everything from insects to elephants, from aardvarks to zorillas. It is a privilege and real delight to share with others the great wonders with which we may be blessed by being here at the heart of Africa’s Nature. The joy and awe revealed once we’re seated quietly observing up close the smallest and the largest of our companions, in the here and now, still wild, in a truly indescribable part of this, our beautiful, beautiful world.”



One reply on “Who am I? What am I?”

Hi James, remember me from Maweni Farm?

How are you keeping?

Just got back from 2 weeks in Andalucia, not a great birding holiday really as I mislaid my driving licence before I went and couldn’t use the hire car for any early morning “jaunts”.

Did pick up a few newbies, inc Azure-winged Magpie.

Got up to Antequera for a few days- proper lark-fest…you’d have loved it.

Got a 2-yr old daughter now so don’t know when we’ll travel as far afield as Africa again; looking over the Strait to Morocco made me want to get the ferry though!

Still stay in contact with Dave Farrow from time to time.




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