Bird List Assist : the Forty-Something Endemic Birds of Tanzania

Endemic Birds of Tanzania

A spoof but never mind! Because this superb photo by Charles Davies of a Somali Boubou on Manda Island in Kenya definitely needs to be ‘well-gonoleked’


Grey-breasted Spurfowl           Pternistis rufopictus 

savannas of Serengeti ecosystem

Udzungwa Forest Partridge     Xenoperdix udzungwensis  

forests of Udzungwa mountains

Rubeho Forest Partridge          Xenoperdix obscurata  

forests of Rubeho mountains

Pemba Green Pigeon               Treron pembaensis

Pemba (northernmost)

Yellow-collared Lovebird        Agapornis personatus  

dry central savannas    

Fischer’s Lovebird                Agapornis lilianae

northern savannas and highland forest edge

Pemba Scops Owl               Otus pembaensis

Pemba forests

[ Usambara Eagle-Owl Bubo vosseleri sadly again lumped with Fraser’s Eagle-Owl Bubo poensis ]

Ruaha Hornbill                   Tockus ruahae    

dry central savannas

White-lined Barbet          Stactolaema leucogrammica  

south-central Tanzanian woodlands, BirdLife’s website suggests this taxon has been split from White-eared Barbet Stactolaema leucotis

Dark Batis                        Batis crypta

forests of southern Eastern Arc, split from Forest Batis Batis mixta of Usambaras and coast

Uluguru Bush-shrike    Malaconotus alius      

Uluguru mountain forests

[ + Usambara Black Boubou  –  northernmost (i.e. Usambara mountains) population increasingly considered a potential split from Fulleborn’s Boubou Laniarius fuelleborni ]

Beesley’s Lark       Chersomanes beesleyi       

desert steppe in rain shadow of Mount Meru

[ + Tanzanian Illadopsis Illadopsis distans populations in southern and eastern Tanzanian forests often considered a potential split from Pale-breasted Illadopsis Illadopsis rufipennis ]

Usambara Greenbul   Phyllastrephus albigula

Usambara mountain forests, split from Tiny Greenbul Phyllastrephus debilis

Uluguru Mountain Greenbul   Arizelocichla neumanni 

forests of the Uluguru mountains, split from Black-headed Mountain Greenbul Arizelocichla nigriceps which itself only just ‘creeps into’ the old mountains of southernmost Kenya

Yellow-throated Mountain Greenbul  Arizelocichla chlorigula

forests of south western mountains

Usambara Thrush  Turdus roehli

forests of Usambara mountains

Usambara Akalat   Sheppardia  montana

forests of West Usambara mountains

The West Usambara and South Pares as viewed from 33,000 on board a Fast-Jet flight bound for JRO (to lhs) November 15, 2013. Mountains of the Eastern Arc, still  partially forested, rise abruptly from the increasingly denuded piedmont that slopes more gently away, as here to the Pangani river.

[ + Nguru Akalat Sheppardia usambarae – populations in forested mountains of eastern Tanzania considered a potential split from Sharpe’s Akalat Sheppardia sharpei ]

Iringa Akalat  Sheppardia lowei

forests of Udzungwa mountains

Rubeho Akalat Sheppardia aurantiithorax

forests of Rubeho and Nguu mountains

[+ Mbulu Robin-chat – melanic population Cossypha mbuluensis in the Mbulu highlands considered by some authorities a potential split from Olive-flanked Robin-chat Cossypha anomala ]

Ruaha Chat   Pentholaea leucolaema

Ruaha NP and environs split from Arnott’s Chat  Pentholaea arnotti

Kilombero Cisticola   Cisticola sp. nov. 

Kilombero valley wetlands

White-tailed Cisticola Cisticola sp. nov. 

wetland edge in Kilombero valley

Winifred’s Warbler   Scepomycter winifredae  

southern mountain forests

Rubeho Warbler  Scepomycter rubehoensis  

Rubeho mountain forests, recently split from Winifred’s Warbler Scepomycter winifredae

Usambara Hyliota   Hyliota usambarae

Usambara mountain forests

[ – Uhehe Fiscal  –  Lanius marwitzi southern highlands, recently subsumed within Southern Common Fiscal Lanius collaris as distinct from Lanius humeralis Northern Common Fiscal]

[ + Usambara Drongo – the drongos in some of the Eastern Arc mountains are considered a potential split by some authorities ]

Ashy Starling  Cosmopsarus unicolor

dry central savannas

Banded Green Sunbird    Anthreptes rubritorques

southern and eastern mountain forests

Pemba Sunbird            Cinnyris pembae

Pemba widespread

Loveridge’s Sunbird     Cinnyris loveridgei

Uluguru mountain forests

Usambara Double-collared Sunbird   Cinnyris usambaricus

forests of Usambara and South Pare mountains

Rufous-winged Sunbird     Cinnyris rufipennis

forests of Udzungwa mountains

Moreau’s Sunbird         Cinnyris moreaui

forests of North Udzungwa and Nguu mountains

[+ “Volcano’s” White-eye     Zosterops  eurycricotus – forested northern volcanic mountains, soon to be split from Montane White-eye  Zosterops  poliogastrus ]

Pemba White-eye                  Zosterops vaughani 

Pemba widespread

South Pare White-eye          Zosterops winifredae

South Pare forested mountains

Rufous-tailed Weaver         Histurgops ruficauda  

central dry savannas

Kilombero Weaver               Ploceus burnieri  

Kilombero valley wetlands

Ruvu Weaver                         Ploceus holoxanthus  

wetlands of Ruvu drainage system split from Eastern Golden Weaver  Ploceus subaureus

Usambara Weaver               Ploceus nicolli  

southern and eastern forested mountains

Kipengere Seed-eater        Crithagra melanochroa  

southwestern highlands

The vertiginous Uluguru mountain forests viewed from a cafe beside the Tan-Zam highway last week

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