Birders Delight in a Concrete Jungle


This is admittedly a very poor photograph of a bird. But it was shot with this iphone just now, through my sealed window on the world.

It shows a Levaillant’s Cuckoo, presumably a male, who came to sing raucously at my office window. Just now.

And yes, that jungle is our back garden! We moved here at the end of January in 2007.  Back then the plot was an almost treeless enclosure full of chicken and goats; with only a very few grassland bird species, who visited it most days, birds shared with the neighbouring farms.

Now our surroundings are two thirds built-up. And our garden has become a very real oasis in a wannabes’ concrete jungle. Such is progress. For the economy in Africa, especially when compared with northern lands, is simply booming.

In an average day, if I spend some time outside, I may record 40 bird species in this – the “Wilding Wedge”of former Farm 510. Forty friends those are. Companions, who not only shield me from many of the seemingly infinite woes of man, but who also delight me greatly.

I derive the sweetest joy from their many colourful movements, and their wonderfully varied voices, in what has become my “melting pot of song” are simply too beautiful to be described within the limits of a shining little screen.

Come and hear them for yourself. Sometimes, if we have umeme (mainspower) even the streaming open microphone in the front garden rings with their song.

That’s audible online via the link here on Africanaturalists at the following post:

Broadcasting urban African bird sounds to the world



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