The Eagle, the Monkey and the Man


An African lepidopterist friend (from central Europe) just wrote to me :

“We have to fight to protect every single hectare … and every single tree in a city.”

I asked if I might quote him, to post his words, beneath a superb photo of one forest bird species that has viewed ‘man’ as prey. To post it above a photograph of another bright monkey, very similar to those, whom we might consider to be the legitimate prey of the African Crowned Eagle.

Smug sadistic capitalism requires that we forget – “Nature gives us a home”. And so the glittering corporations, even the modest RSPB, must try to spin this upside down.

To turn ourselves the right way up again we must stop buying all this globalised, especially, this plastic stuff. We must start regrowing our gardens with our own vegetables and our own wildlfe to rewild our space and recreate our place once more in Earth’s PermaNature.


A special thank you to Martin Goodey and to Caroline Langervoord for these two really beautiful photographs.

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