Birding in Tanzania (unfinished)

Finding “Your Needed Birds” – my suggestions after eighteen years of Tanzania birding

Udzungwa Forest Partridge (EN) this mountain forest chicken, kuku in Kiswahili, is very difficult to get on your list, as it requires a dedicated forest tramp and camping trip; please note it’s a tough walk in, and they are super skulkers

Rubeho Forest Partridge (NA) as for the UFP (see above)

Grey-breasted Spurfowl (LC) very easy in the central and Western Serengeti (high park fees) and can be seen in the grounds of the excellent and sensibly priced Speke Bay Lodge (no park fees)

Pemba Green Pigeon (VU) relatively easy in around the few lodges in northernmost Pemba island of which Manta Resort is perhaps the best

Pemba Scops Owl (VU) relatively easy in at night in Ngezi forest in the northernmost part of Pemba island where Manta Resort likely remains the best place to stay

Tanzanian Red-billed Hornbill (NA) in the parks along the Northern Circuit this endemic can be somewhat, to very, difficult, even in the western half of the Serengeti, unless you stay at Mbalageti Luxury Tented Camp (not as expensive or as upmarket as you might think) where it breeds and Mbalageti is, regardless, a truly wonderful spot for the nature lover. Much easier of course in central southern Tanzania (Southern Circuit) and is guaranteed just outside Ruaha NP at e.g. Hodi-Hodi Bush Camp (no park fees)

Fischer’s Lovebird (NT) easy enough in the vicinity of the great parks of the Serengeti (a very expensive NP) and the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (an equally expensive and contiguous special protected area) both of which levy a heavy fee upon the hapless foreigner; perhaps this species is best seen at the wonderful Ndutu Safari Lodge where these delightful little parrots congregate for a drink, morning and evening in the dry season right outside the bar and dining room; if you are not too taxonomically fussy you can ‘tick’ the lovebirds that hang around Karatu town and some of the slacker birders have even been known to try to count the ‘mutts’ found around Arusha

Yellow-collared Lovebird (LC) perhaps best seen around Tarangire, where they are super-easy at the entrance, so the more unscrupulous of the quick-list birdtour companies just drive into the car park, at the entrance gate, and get them that way

Reichenow’s Batis (NT)

~ I’m sorry currently I don’t have time to finish this article ~

Uluguru Bushshrike (EN)

Beesley’s Lark (NA)

Uluguru Greenbul (LC)

Yellow-throated Greenbul (LC)

Montane Tiny Greenbul | Usambara Greenbul (NT)

Kilombero Cisticola (NA)

White-tailed Cisticola (NA)

Winifred’s Warbler | Mrs Moreau’s Warbler (NT)

Rubeho Warbler (NA)

South Pare White-eye (NT)

Pemba White-eye (LC)

Usambara Hyliota (EN)

Ashy Starling (LC)

Usambara Thrush (NT)

Rubeho Akalat (EN)

Usambara Akalat (EN)

Iringa Akalat (VU)

Banded Green Sunbird (VU)

Moreau’s Sunbird (NT)

Loveridge’s Sunbird (EN)

Hofmann’s Sunbird (NA)

Pemba Sunbird (LC)

Rufous-winged Sunbird (VU)

Rufous-tailed Weaver (LC)

Ruvu Weaver (NA)

Kilombero Weaver (VU)

Usambara Weaver (NT)

Kipengere Seedeater (LC)

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