Rewilding for the Endemic Zanzibar Red Colobus


The Rewilding of Unguja Lodge – oh monkeys!

In the book by WILDGuides “Larger Mammals of Tanzania” it is written : “Almost 50% of the Zanzibar Red Colobus population lives in areas where they have no official protection, and numbers are continuing to decline. The main threat is habitat loss to agriculture, wood gathering and charcoal production.”

Remarkably there are three or four individuals in the five acre patch of Coral Rag forest at Unguja Lodge.

If the new management can sensitively ReWild the periphery of the hotel property, creating just a little more high quality coral rag wooded habitat from areas that currently are dominated by Australian exotic trees, then we will be “doing our little bit” for the survival of this truly delightful and endemic monkey.

Caroline Langervoord took this fantastic picture of a suitably pensive female last Sunday outside Banda #7

More to follow, much more I hope, on this subject and soon.

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