Broadcasting urban African bird sounds to the world


Over the week-end of April 30 – May 1 we will be singing our part in a global presentation. It’s by Sound Camp, of the global dawn chorus as it bursts forth with the sunrise, from Japan westwards right around the world.

If you click on the locusonus world map you will see that we, at Olosiva, “my family and other animals”, the inhabitants of Farm 510, that now lies within an expanded Arusha city, are not only the only broadcasting station in Africa but also the only trasmitter in the entire Southern Hemisphere !

So once again we must, and we shall …

” Review, rewild and rejoice ”

… despite all the terrible news, pouring into our lives everyday, just as soon as we connect with the web.

By the way, the microphone-to-web system only transmits when we have mains TANESCO power. We’ll try to borrow a cable, for our Raspberry Pi and modem, from a neighbour if they’re running their generator.

… and here is how it began with an email from Grant Smith following a tip-off by Lars Johansson at Maweni Farm Hotel at Soni, in the West Usambaras.
“We’ve been following your gonolek blog (Birdman of Arusha – sadly defunct) about your garden on Mt Meru, and especially the sounds there, and thought this would be a good location for an open microphone.
In May of 2014, we did REVEIL: the first live 24 hour radio broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, starting at an ecology park in London near the Greenwich Meridian and hopping west from one microphone to the next following the sunrise, finally completing a complete earth loop on the morning of International Dawn Chorus Day – the 4th of May. We had many contributors including sound artists, nature recordists, et al..

In 2015 we will do another similar broadcast, and I am making plans for that, including looking to support people to provide live streams, using boxes we have built based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

The network aims to be a resource for listeners, researchers and advocates for biodiverse soundscapes, many of which of course are under pressure.

We have funding to provide equipment and perhaps a contribution towards internet connection to participants.

You can read more about our work at the links below.

Thank you

Best wishes,
Grant Smith


Locus Sonus

Wave Farm

The Field Reporter


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